Melbourne Muslimahs Projects

Servicing The Community


This program aims to help women with the goal of leaving a life of crime, to build strong new social connections away from bad influences. We believe a fun, non judgemental social group can give the support truly needed to give these women the enthusiasm to start a new life with endless possibilities.

To Stay

As with the ‘Friends Upon Release’ program, we feel to give up ‘poor choices’ as an alternative needs to be presented. We have seen amazing results getting women involved in doing things that are still a lot of fun on weekends that are a clean distraction from making poor choices. Referrals to counselling and AOD rehabilitation services can be arranged. Sometimes a woman’s personal wish to change can be enough motivation if there is positive social support available with alternative fun things to do.

& Picnics

Mums and kids get into nature and join us for an exciting day in some of Melbourne’s most fantastic areas out of the city at the end of each month. We can arrange lifts and supply lunch.


The Australian ecosystem is unfortunately being negatively affected by invasive plants. We love to play a small part in revegetating a property with Australian native trees and we will be continuing to do this moving forward in the years ahead.

Zoom &

With COVID came moving online and we will continue these talks since we saw so much benefit come from them. Overseas guests have joined us to talk about some really cool topics. Workshops from VicPol on domestic abuse have been presented along with child abuse awareness by clinical psychologists and we look forward to being able to facilitate many more talks using online platforms to promote self care in the future. Please contact us if you would be interested in speaking with us.

For The

Melbourne Muslimahs are proud to announce a partnership with ‘The Humble Mission’ in getting toiletries to those who are sleeping rough in Melbourne.


From the comfort of your own home, you can join in the fun and learn some amazing recipes from all around the world. Contact us if you’d like to share your recipe. *Women only events. Cameras on.


Held at Preston Mosque in 2019 our Eid festival invited whole families of anyone and everyone to celebrate with us. Over 2000 people came to share in the food and fun with kids having an amazing time with the animal farm, jumping castles and even Paw Patrol.  We look forward to teaming up with our local mosques in the future to have the opportunity to welcome all of Australia into our celebrations.


Held in January of 2020, and planned for the end of each year, many interstate speakers were invited to talk with us at La Trobe University about topics relevant to our youth. Pornography, Drugs & Alcohol, Domestic Abuse and many other much needed topics were put to the youth in a way with understanding, no judgement and in a way that relates to them today.


Every child should receive an Eid present and feel the excitement and love with our community around Eid. We love to give brand new good quality gifts to the children within the community so they feel valued and not forgotten.

Youth Sports

*Coming soon: Stay tuned for some announcements regarding an interfaith sports program for 2022 in which communities can come together to have fun, learn, trust and understand each other. 

Covid-19 Quarantine
Meat Drop Offs

Melbourne Muslimahs is excited to offer the most vulnerable in our community limited meat packs dropped off contact-free. These packs are available only to: People in quarantine, international students, and people in quarantine new to Australia awaiting payment

Drop Offs

We cook and distribute hundreds of meals for those in need. Whether you are going through hardships or needing contact-free meal drop-offs during Covid-19 quarantining, we’ve got you covered.


We love to provide members of the community the chance to choose their own furniture upon moving into new accommodation from an emergency situation if other avenues such as a NILS loan is not possible.


We offer a monthly dinner with a guest speaker to talk about matters that can benefit our community. After dinner, this event can become quite the Saturday night out with women staying back to make some new life long friendships. Lifts home can be arranged. Women only (sorry no kids at these events). 


*Coming soon: We believe women from any background should have access to basic responsibility such as having a license and driving a vehicle. Receiving your license brings great confidence and opens more doors to gaining independence. More options for work arise from having a license and we want to help provide this very exciting life step to women.